Western Togoland is an area in the Republic of Ghana. The area is currently divided into five geographical regions; Volta, Oti, parts of Northern, North East, and Upper East Regions.
The Western Togoland includes Ho, Kpando, Hohoe, Dambai, Zabzugu, Yendi, Gusiegu, Nankpaduri, and Bawku.
In fact, the Volta lake (akosombo dam) and the Adome bridge were originally part of the Western Togoland.
Dr. Kwame Nkrumah deliberately took that part of land to the Eastern region, for a strategic region.

Germany established the Togoland protectorate in 1884, which was the year the African continent was actually demarcated.
Under the German administration, the protectorate was regarded as a model colony or Musterkolonie and experienced a golden age.

During the First World War in 1914, Britain and France invaded the protectorate.  After the German defeat, and the signing of the Treaty of Versailies, the western part of Togoland became a British mandate, British Togoland.

That is, after the defeat of Germany in the first world war, Britain and France divided the entire Togoland into two.
The western part became the western Togoland under British administration and the eastern part, now Togo became a French colony.

After the second world war in 1945, British Togoland became a United Nations Trust Territory that was still under British administration.
In 1957, the Western Togoland voted in a plebiscite to become part of what is now Ghana.

In fact, it is a public record that the said election was rigged under the influence of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah.
The plebiscite had an inherent clause that says that the people can opt off Ghana and become an independent state after 50 years.

The people did not like the idea of belonging to Ghana, but the influence of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah and the speculated rigging of the elections made it happen.

Dr. Kwame Nkrumah knew at the time of independence that, there is the likelihood that the people can break away so he deliberately divided the Western Togoland into three (3) regions; Volta, Northern and Upper East Regions.

A lot of people with little knowledge on the Western Togoland have joined the conversation and attempting to downplay and trivialize the efforts of these guys seeking independence for the Western Togoland.

The Germans before their departure had done a feasibility study and had discovered Uranium mineral in large quantities in that stretch of land.

The 50 years plebiscite agreement has elapsed and Germany has interest in that part of the country.

In 1974, this attempt was made and Acheampong used the armed forces to curb their efforts.
That is how come a military base was set up in Ho.
Our major problem is that we don’t have any idea on what is happening.
Mark my word, there is Germany interest in what is happening today.
A lot of engagements have been done and there is an assurance for that purpose.
Just forget about the little boys being arrested. There are heavy weights behind all their activities.

A day before the last strike of the group, Germany’s DW TV reported that, Western Togoland has gained sovereignty.  It wasn’t just a mistake, it’s an agenda.
I am aware that, a lot has been done and the people already have their currency.

They have gained enough roots such that no chief or member of parliament in the Volta region can publicly condemn or criticize the actions of the group.  If you dare make an attempt you are loosing elections.

The operational strategy of the group seeking independence was a bit problematic and tactically wrong, from my point of view.  All they needed to have done was to have engaged all the chiefs in the entire Western Togoland to seek for their consent and further petition United Nations.

But there is a serious challenge.  Yendi is part of the Western Togoland but Tamale is not.
So if Yendi agrees then Dagbon is going to be divided which is a difficult thing to happen.  So the group limited their activities to only the Volta region.

We woke up only to hear that, these people have ceased two police stations, made away with their armoury and taken three police officers hostage.

This must be scary to every well meaning Ghanaian.  No one knows who they have engaged and who is in support of this agenda.

If these people are able to take hostage, the military at Ho, then they would have a base.

They would then become a rebel group and Ghana would then have to go to war with them.
There is a bigger problem than we anticipate and those in authority must accept the reality and act now before it’s too late.
We have examples of such things in Cote d’ Ivoire, Cameron and Nigeria.

A word to the wise is enough.

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