AAMUSTED gets its first professional female referee

lshaq Hawawu, Assistant Referee on the right

Akenten Appiah Menkah University of Skills Training and Entrepreneurial Development gets it first professional female referee on main campus.

We live in a community where we find it difficult to allow female to join the sporting activities because we believe that it’s only male activities and much strength is required.

Most people believe that those ladies who are into sports are lesbians and their genetics isn’t of female. We don’t give them the respect they need because they opt for sporting activities.

In an interview with lshaq Hawawu, Assistant Referee in the Women’s Premier League on Mynd Sports Digest, she gave a different perspective about how people think about females getting involve in sporting activities.

She opine that it was difficult for her when she decided to join the professional Referee Association of Ghana (RAG). Her mother was against her decision because she believe that she won’t be able to give birth but her father was happy about the decision been taken by her.

After been firm on her decision and officiating some matches her mother had a change of perspection and supported her vision together with the community she lives in.

According to Hawawu, “Officiating comes with two things which is enjoying the match and also exercising the body from diseases. And now l have two children and look more younger.

“I can officiate male and women professional league and any division if I’m call upon” she hinted.

Meanwhile, students are expectant to see her display her knowledge and potential in the laws of the game during the campus champions league which will soon commence after she made a cameo appearance in a friendly match of the school team.

She added that  all female students who are want to be a professional referee shouldn’t shut their dream but rather join the Referee Association on campus to be nurtured and become a professional referee like her

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