Acting is the second most disciplined job in Ghana – Eddie Nartey

Eddie Nartey is an actor, film producer and director

Eddie Nartey said acting requires a high level off discipline

• The filmmaker has touted acting as the second most disciplined job in Ghana

• He said it takes more than a talent to be a successful actor

Ghanaian filmmaker, Eddie Nartey has established that the Ghanaian movie industry is the second strictest and disciplined sector.

Touting the military as the first, the popular movie director believes that the film industry is another sector where indiscipline is never condoned.

He said the strict conditions under which actors work coupled with the kind of commitment it requires makes it an extremely disciplined profession.

“This work if you take the Military it’s the second most disciplined job, take the Military out. This work we work with the weather, who will wait for you if it will rain at 5 and we’ve gone to rent equipment, even here we said we will close at 6 but we haven’t closed…” he told a group of budding actors.

Touching on the ‘sex for roles’ mentality mostly generated in the minds of some actors, particularly the upcoming ones, Eddie Nartey said;

“Don’t even go and say that is what I will use, let them do it, no, your craft is what is going to take you wherever you go. Not sex. Work on the self-discipline but if you want to go and sleep with somebody too it’s your choice.”

Over the years, movie producers and directors have been accused of sleeping with actors before handing over roles to them.

It can be recalled that movie producer Ola Michael stated that young actors who are desperate for roles will always end up being taken advantage of.


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