Breakthrough for local goods as Hand Krafted opens in Accra

A locally-owned shop that is focused on promoting locally-made goods and items, Hand Krafted has been opened in Asylum Down, Accra.

A locally-owned shop that is focused on promoting locally-made goods and items, Hand Krafted has been opened in Asylum Down, Accra.

Madam Esther Cobbah who promotes the shop explained during the unveiling of the shop that it is a place where creativity is show cased to the world.

She urged persons to make it a priority to patronise from the shop in order to communicate creativity of Ghanaian entrepreneurs.

“I am just so excited because I love creativity. My business has always been in the creative space but I always like creativity that is grounded in science and I think that is what Hand Krafted is all about.

“I love the fact that  this is a place where  creativity is celebrated , a shop where creativity  is showcased  and everybody who  patronises what is here  shares in that celebration  especially when you gift it to somebody  you are communicating creativity, passing on the joy of creativity  to other people. What is also unique about this place is that it is a collection of creative enterprises from cashew nuts to oils, pieces for the office, Safari Collection, Wear Ghana. It is amazing.

“The most exciting part is the fact that there are a number of women involved in this. Women are very creative, they give birth to creative people.”

Products from different entrepreneurs can be found in the shop.

Local producers including Wear Ghana, Akoshi Gh, Gifts of Nature, Prette Cashew, Teddy’s Honey, Bam-Tech can be found in the shop.

Asked about what inspired her to go into this business, one of the producers, Muina Wosomu who is the creator of Prette Cashew nuts said “My inspiration? I happened to have a bag of raw cashew and I had no idea what to do with it. I started playing around for ideas and I came up with two flavours. I got invited by Esther Cobbah to showcase my products  in Hand Kraft.”

She added “Hand Kraft celebrates creativity of the people and I am happy that she recognised the creativity. I am hoping to create other flavours.”

For her part, Ewurabena who is Co-Founder and CEO of Wear Ghana said “What we are trying to a have as a company is, through the business of fashion we want to promote and celebrate our African excellence and inspire the next generation of Ghana in entrepreneurship and create opportunities for women.

“Eight years ago we started out on this journey, we wanted to build a global brand, one that could stand toe to toe with brands coming from all over the world  and use that as the vehicle to change  the narrative around  Africa and the products that come.

“It has been a phenomenal journey. We are proud and happy to say we have a lot of customers. As a business that has proven the concept of what we are trying  to do one of the heddles  we face constantly is distribution  of products  so what we usually do is online  but it is always great to have spaces where customers  can go and make purchasing decisions and this is why being here at Hand Krafted is great.”

Gifty Lomo Manu-Mainoo, CEO of Gift of Nature shop said “ I take my inspiration  and everything I do from  the source of life, God the creator himself. He himself is a creative God and he says he put into people the ability to create and design things with wood, with timber, with metal and with all things natural. So I am a lover plants.

“I love plants but unfortunately I don’t have space in my house  so I have to do my garden in containers  and then from there I got the idea that I still  have to scale down because I still don’t have space.

“So why don’t I  do small things  that I can put on my table  at home or in the office because plants themselves  are also natural air purifiers  and I have to present them in an added value form  so I do these small pots which you can  put the plants  and also use the as other things.”

CEO of Bam-Tech, Kenneth Yamoah said “We should try and use sustainable woods, bamboo is one, we should not discard them. Most at times, you see that we use them for fire wood.

“In Asia and In South America, it is used for storey buildings so there is a lot of use for it. We need to use more of it in our construction and mainly for saving our forest which takes about 150 years to grow one tree,  we can go and cut it down in one year, one month, one day and then use it for furniture. But bambooo grows itself naturally or replants itself.”


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