CLOGSAG still on strike, talks with government inconclusive

88796757.295Government and the striking members of the Civil and Local Government Staff Association of Ghana (CLOGSAG) failed to reach an agreement on the settlement of their interim market premiums by government.

A meeting held yesterday [Monday] was expected to bring some resolution to the CLOGSAG strike with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the union and Government.

CLOGSAG declared the strike to force government to pay its members interim premium allowances, and had refused to rescind the decision until their demands are met.

The Public Relations Officer of CLOSSAG, Eddie Acquaye, had told Citi News they would first have to finalize the MOU with the Ministry of Employment and Labour Relations before the termination of the strike.

Despite the inconclusive meeting, the Minister of Labour and Employment relations, Haruna Iddrisu, assured the members of CLOGSAG that government remains committed to addressing their grievances.

He explained after the meeting that CLOGSAG’s demands would be subjected to further consultations with the new market premium pay policy, expected to be introduced in January 2017, in mind.

“I am subjecting it to further consultation with the Fai Wages and Salaries Commission and the Ministry of Finance; Compensation Division and to further consult with higher authority whilst they also engage with their constituents and membership.”

“We have to reach an understanding as to where we will begin with in January when government introduces a new market premium pay policy,” Mr. Iddrisu added.

Government’s previous explanations to CLOGSAG

Government has been engaging the striking union over the past week with even President John Mahama imploring the striking workers to return to work.

The President explained that any attempt to yield to the demands of CLOGSAG “will throw the budget completely off track, and make nonsense of the sacrifices we have made together over the last year.”

Prior to the President’s explanation, a meeting organized by the Ministry of Employment and Labour Relations aimed at resolving the issue, did not appease CLOGSAG.

The Minister for Employment and Labour Relations, Haruna Iddrisu, has stated that government could not pay the interim premium being demanded by the Civil and Local Government Staff Association, (CLOGSAG).

According to him, provision was not made for such payments in the 2016 budget.

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