Divide Your Salaries And Give Half To The State – Kofi Adjei To 110 Appointees

158243216_624539President Nana Akufo-Addo has been urged to downsize remuneration of ministers and other appointees in government to show he is really committed to protect state coffers.

Chief Executive Officer of Save Ghana Foundation (SGF), Kofi Agyei has suggested to the President and the 110 Ministers of State and their deputies to sacrifice half of their remuneration to the state.

“If this crop of appointees want to prove to us they are not into politics for self-gain, they should divide their salary and give half to the state”, Mr. Agyei exclusively told mynewsgh.com.

“Doing this will confirm that Ghana is indeed a broken country as they have made us believe and the current number of ministers are needed to fix our economic challenges”

He stated that Ghanaians have marked their words from opposition into government and anything contrary to his suggestion is indictment on government.

Mr. Agyei stated that members of the Foundation are dissatisfied with the explanation that came from government justifying the outrageous number of ministers and deputies.

He said without heeding to his suggestion, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) will have a big problem to win the confidence of the electorates in the upcoming elections.



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