Don’t Panic! No One will Stop You from Writing Your Exams – President Opoku

SRC President for AAMUSTED, Opoku Richard

At a Special Sabbath Service to commemorate the Ghana National Association of Adventist Students (GNAAS) Choir of the Akenten Appiah-Menka University of Skills Training and Entrepreneurial Development (AAMUSTED), the SRC President, Opoku Richard, calls on the student community to prepare to take their exams which starts on Monday, April 12, 2021.

According to him, none of the students should at this crucial time be worried of being turned away in the examination hall due to the inability to fully settle their fees but rather, brace up for the task ahead by preparing themselves physically and spiritually.

“Let me hammer on this. Tomorrow [Sunday, April 11], I may be speaking on MYND FM about the school fees… As some of you were thinking that I have not paid my fees, would I be allowed to write the examinations coming Monday, YES! You will write! Each and everyone is writing the exams. And this’ not Noah’s ark. We are not leaving anyone behind, we are all going. Whatever that you have paid, come to the exams room and write your exams.”

Expressing the reason why the school can only exist if there are students, Mr Opoku said, “We make the school! Without us, there are building which will be occupied by reptiles but there are schools under trees, why? Because there are students, so we play a very important role in the school.”

“Don’t panic! There’s hope! Stop calling home and giving pressure. Concentrate on your books and ask for strength so that [on] Monday, you will come and sit and write with a sound mind and a good heart.”

The SRC President, knowing the crucial period the students are due to embrace come Monday, extended his message of goodwill and success to the students’ body.

However, Mr Opoku was quick to remark on his inability to honour an invitation extended to him by the fellowship to raise funds for the completion of its building, reassuring the members of his commitments and vow to see a dwelling place of the Lord fully completed and furnished.

“Last week, I couldn’t come, but it is my hope and this is my family. Come lets build the church of God together. Though I was not able to come, I will see the leaders and also pay my contribution, because I have a greater testimony about building a church. It is my prayer that by the time we leave office or complete, we would have been able to complete this building.”

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