EC to reduce number of voters at polling stations


The Electoral Commission (EC) has announced plans to reduce the number of voters per polling station in this year’s general elections scheduled for November 7.

The EC is aiming to reduce the number of voters per polling station from 1,000 voters to 8,00, and they believe this will reduce the long queues and the frustrations voters go through.

Addressing a media forum in Kumasi over the weekend, the Ashanti Regional Deputy Director of the EC, Lawrence Sarpong, said, “the EC has decided to reduce the maximum number or the threshold of voters in the polling station register from 1,000 to 8,00.”

He also revealed that the EC is planning to create 29,000 polling stations for this year’s elections.

“Another thing that the commission is looking, is the creation of additional polling stations.”

Mr. Sarpong noted that voter apathy has also been blamed on sometimes the long distances to polling stations, saying the commission will ensure that polling stations are much closer to the voters.

“Centers far from the voters have ramifications for voters and their willingness to participate… Deliberate efforts are being made by the EC to bring polling stations close to voters to end frustration of voters traveling long distances.”




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