Even Doctors whose training is ‘more delicate and essential’ are freely trained – Muntaka to GLC

Minority Chief Whip Alhaji Mohammed Muntaka Mubarak

The Minority Chief Whip and Member of Parliament(MP) for Asawase, Alhaji Mohammed Muntaka Mubarak has said: “even doctors” whose training is more essential and hinges on life and death are freely trained in large numbers not to talk of lawyers.

Mr. Muntaka said this when he seconded a motion tabled by Effutu MP and Deputy Majority Leader Alexander Afenyo Markin to order the General Legal Council GLC to admit some 499 students who passed the exam but could not be admitted due to a supposed “lack of space”.

Muntaka stated that the position of the GLC is conservative and retrogressive and did not serve the country well.

“Training a doctor is more critical than training a lawyer because when the person leaves as a doctor he deals with knives and lives directly while in the theatre. By just one stroke of a mistake, he’ll kill a human being” he said on the floor of Parliament.

“Even that they find a way to go around it to train more annually in this country … and you gatekeep a very conservative and backward system that you can only do this at one place…that it disenfranchises so many people,” he added.

On his part, Afenyo Markin who tabled the motion said Parliament has a duty to give voice to the people whom each MP represents. The motion had overwhelming endorsement from both sides of the house.

“Ghana Law School, General Legal Council must take the views of this Parliament seriously, by quickly taking steps to remedy the situation. This is Parliament, the voice of the people.” Mr. Afenyo said.

“And the representatives of the people are saying that if you said the past mark is 50 per cent, then all those who made 50 per cent and above – they are about 400 – it is not too late to admit them because they have passed,” he added.

Parliament consequently made an order to the GLC to admit the 499 students. It is unclear yet whether the GLC will comply.



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