#FixTheCountry: The President is not God – We’ve been fixing the country since 2016

Hon Richmond Agyenim Boateng, MCE of Kwadaso

As part of MYND FM’s social responsibility encounter series, our reporter, Isaac Addai, has engaged the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) of Kwadaso Municipal Assembly, Hon Richmond Agyenim Boateng, on a varied number of issues bordering around security, health, education and other social issues.

Prominent among topics discussed is the #FixTheCountry uprising that has erupted on social media, calling on government to fix various aspect of the economy and alleviate the plight of the people.

Speaking to the issue of #FixTheCountry, the MCE, boisterous about the achievement of the NPP government led by President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, called on those behind the awakening to pin point exactly what they want the government to fix for them.

“Fixing the country, even the government came in 2016 [2017] and since then, we’ve been fixing. Only that the Covid came to deny us of the glory that we got. But it is a global [issue] this thing because I don’t know what they are in for.”

Indicating that the current government isn’t led by a god-figure, Hon. Agyenim Boateng who called on followers of the #FixTheCountry to be specific as to what needs to be fixed for them said, “Fixing the country is not a particular thing. We have many things but they should single out those things that the government needs to fix else we may not know which one we haven’t done. All the same, the government is not god itself and cannot do all things at the same time. We have our limits but we are trying our best. His Excellency the president and his wife are trying their best fixing the nation.”

The MCE in line with the trending hashtag speaks to the development within the Kwadaso locality for which residents should be appreciative and grateful to the government.


On Roads

“When its comes to roads, you can see that from Apatrapa to IPT junction, we have fixed. Currently, the almighty Sunyani road, we are on it. When it comes to Kwadaso township, from Sofoline Interchange down to Lazap Hotel, we’ve fixed the road and even the [contractor] is still on it, doing the inner roads in Kwadaso.”

“At the moment, when you go to Asuoyeboah, roads are on course, when you go to Kwadaso North, the roads are being fixed there.”


On Sanitation and Health

“When you come to sanitation, initially, I was a Sanitation Ambassador. When I came in, I was having a taskforce, we go round to sensitize people. Only that Covid came to take the program away.”

“Recently, when it came to health, the whole of Ashanti Region, in the performance assessment, Kwadaso came first, we were ranked first. So we are on course. We’ve been providing health facilities [with] their needed equipment.”


On Education

“Just recently, we commissioned a 12-unit classroom at Methodist Technical Institute. Go to Nzema Basic School, we are yet to commission a 3-KG Unit Classroom, so we are on course.”


On Security

“In the area of security, when you go to North Asuoyeboah, basically called “Container Area”, we’ve just provided then with police station and it’s part of curbing the insecurity menace. At the moments, we’re fixing bulbs here and there, because lighting system is also part of curtailing insecurity.”

We are expanding our police stations, our police posts. We have our budget trying to put police station at Kwadaso Proper near “Poocaan”.

According to the MCE, the municipal security taskforce had engaged the MP for Kwadaso on measures to be taken to address the insecurity and the spate of robbery cases recorded in the municipality

“About a week ago, MISEC met together with the MP. We deliberated on how to maybe have a plan to curb this menace.”


Meanwhile, the full interview is scheduled to be aired on the Mynd Morning Training, on May 12, from 7am to 10am.


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