GES orders closure of schools in Banda Ahenkro over xenophobic attacks

92345871.295At least 40 basic schools in the Banda Ahenkro district of the Brong Ahafo region have been closed down following fears of attacks on teachers in the area.

A faceless group in the area has threatened to violently evict all government workers who are not natives in the town.

In a threatening note issued in the town, the group calling itself concern members of Banda Ahenkro served notices of attack on people the group considered as ‘strangers’ who came to take over all works in town.

The Headmaster of one of the schools, Jones Agyemang confirmed the closure and said it’s as a result of a circular from the Director General of the GES, advising them to desert their post for safety.

“We forwarded these letters to our Directors and they gave us the ultimatum that those who feel they are not secured can leave and another came from the Director General(GES) that we should all leave the place and close down all the schools in the district. So we also complied with what the Director General said and we have to leave the place with immediate effect as they put it. And also GNAT also gave us the order to leave the town with immediate effect, that’s why all the people are fleeing from the place. “ Reports say dozens of government workers comprising health workers have also left the town for fear of their lives.

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