Ghana School Of Survey Sold! …Management Kept In The Dark

Prof AgyemangInformation gathered by this paper reveals that the Ghana School of Surveyors, situated off the Giffard Road, adjacent to the Military Ordinance School has been sold to a private developer without the knowledge of the school management.

Sources close to the Management Board of the School have hinted that us the sudden sale of the school came without any notification to members and is beginning to create uneasiness among staff and management.

According to the information, the decision to sell the school which is currently being pulled down to pave way for the construction of a Shopping Mall, was taken by some government officials who seem to wield some level of authority.

This development, the paper gathered, makes it difficult for members of the management board to ask questions since any probe from any member would result in victimization.

The sources say, anybody who tries to question the authority by which the school has been sold, will in return receive a letter ordering him or her to proceed on leave. A leave from which they believe will never end.

They revealed that, because of victimization which suddenly set in the school as result of the sale, management has remained mute over the matter even though they are strongly against the decision.

Our checks at the school revealed that the school structures were being pulled down to pave way for the construction of the supposed Shopping Mall.

The Ghana School of Survey & Mapping, they said, is one of its kinds in West Africa; hence its sale came at a time when the goal of the government is to transform the quality of education by upgrading of schools.

The Ghana School of Survey & Mapping is one of the few special tertiary schools in the country and under the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources.

Managing staff of the school are worried that since there is great demand for surveyors in Ghana by institutions such as forestry commission, minerals commission, office of the administrator of stool lands, GHAPOHA, VRA,ECG,GRIDCO, and all land sector agencies, selling out the school is a misplaced priority.

The students are also raising questions and indicated that, most surveyors in these institutions were trained at some point at the Ghana School of Surveying and Mapping and that, in the light of these disservice to them, Lands Commission cannot just sell out the school without informing the school management.


Source: New Crusading Guide

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