Ghanaian pregnant woman in labour is carried on a wooden door to the hospital

Ghanaian pregnant woman in labour is carried on a wooden door to the hospital
wooden structure used in conveying pregnant women in labour

Residents of Abrokyire, a farming community in the Aowin Municipality of the Western North Region of Ghana who have voted in elections since the beginning of the country’s democracy, still have to carry their pregnant women in labour on a wooden door to the hospital in 2021.

Their disheartening plight came to light following a viral video of a woman in labour being carried on a wooden door from the community to a nearby clinic at Boinson.

The video shows residents volunteering to carry the pregnant woman, identified as Hagar Gyamfi, to the clinic, as they have to travel miles to access taxi, and hours more to get to the clinic due to a bad road network.

According to, the community is about six miles from the health centre and the road and environment are very bad.

The website reported Madam Gyamfi having recounted how the pain of contraction rendered her immobile, leaving her with no option other than to rely on the services of the volunteers.

As for her husband who put her in the pregnant state, every passing second of the journey to the health center was a nightmare as he accompanied the volunteers who carried his wife on the wooden door.

Thankfully, Madam Gyamfi successfully gave birth to a bouncy baby boy and has since been discharged, reports says.

Residents are reported as disclosing that, it is a norm for residents to carry patients on wooden doors or tied to motorbikes to be transported to health facilities.

Volunteers have to travel over river Boin and several others combined with the heavyweights of patients and pregnant women, a situation which most times lead to most of the patients losing their lives.

Some residents who have benefitted from the services of the volunteers told Adom News that they lived in fear of losing their lives along the way but the volunteers are the only solution to the situation and they have been of a lot of help to the community.

Residents of Abrokyire, a community whose name translates‘overseas states’ have appealed to the government to pay attention to their municipality and improve their standard of living just like they manage to come to them during election campaigns and deploy electoral materials during election periods.



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