Greening Ghana: Human activities hampering efforts in Cape Coast – Parks & Gardens Director

Greening Ghana: Human activities hampering efforts in Cape Coast – Parks & Gardens Director
File photo of department of parks and garden

Human activities such as erection of structures by individuals and organisations among others, are thwarting the efforts of the Parks and Gardens Department in the Central Region at greening the Cape Coast Metropolis.

The Department is responsible for the planting of trees and gardening in the cities in a bid to preserve the environment.

As the government embarks on the Green Ghana Project, Citi News sought to find out about the state of the ancient capital, Cape Coast, as far as greening Ghana is concerned.

Even though there are a number of challenges hampering the efforts of keeping the city green, a good portion of the city looks green already.

Areas such as 1st to 4th Ridge, Adisadel, Brofoyedur to Aggrey Memorial Secondary School among other areas in Cape Coast, looked greenish except that some landscape and lawns were not in good shape because some residents had made such areas their walkway.

The Central Regional Director of the Parks and Gardens, Arthur Benyin, told Citi News, the lack of education on the benefits of trees has resulted in the abuse of the greenery.

“If people attach importance to tree planting and greenery environment, we will enjoy more rains because trees attract rains”.

He added that “trees can control rainstorm and contribute to the herbal medicine industry as many of them are for medicinal purposes”.

According to Mr. Arthur Benyin, ECG and Water company workers many in Cape Coast on several occasions clear all trees along their construction areas contributing to a number of the areas lacking trees.

“Greening Ghana means restoring the ecological system in the country, and we can restore it by planting trees. This would bring back the normal rainfall pattern”.

The Acting Central Regional Director of the Environmental Protection Agency, Shine Fiagome, explaining the importance of the Green Ghana Project to Citi News indicated that “when we plant trees, it purifies the air and they provide us shade. These days we are experiencing climate change which is as a result of green house gases in the atmosphere.”

“Trees have medicinal properties and can help in the restoration of the degraded areas. We all need to embrace tree planting. If each of us will plant a tree, it will help the environment” she noted.





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