How dare you insult the leaders of Ghana? – Twene Jonas questioned

How dare you insult the leaders of Ghana? - Twene Jonas questioned
How dare you insult the leaders of Ghana? – Twene Jonas questioned

While many have sought to justify the language of abuse used by Ghanaian-American based social commentator, Twene Jonas on both traditional and political leaders of the country, the head Pastor of Hope Generation Ministry, Prophet Eric Amponsah has joined others questioning his choice of words.

In a recent interview with Oman Channel, Computer Man as he is known just like some critics of Twene Jonas said he finds reasoning in his criticism of national leaders over the level of development in the country but could not fathom why he has chosen to do so using abusive words against those entrusted with the nation.

“It would be justified if he stuck to addressing issues but to elevate it to insults against leaders including calling MPs, the President and even the Otumfuo as idiots is not right. He claims to have not insulted the Otumfuo but his sub-chiefs. Sitting here right now if you insult any of my ushers you have insulted me because I appointed them.”

“Even the bible says we should give respect and honour to our elders. In the olden days, nations were governed by kings and chiefs before the introduction of democracy. They had a court system and so if today things are not going as they are supposed to, you have no right to insult any of them. If you approach them in a polite way they will note your concerns and work on them,” he stated.

According to Computer Man, in this day and age where everyone is exposed to the internet it does not make sense for insults to become the first resort in addressing issues.

Speaking on the issue of curses being rained Twene Jonas by some traditional leaders, Prophet Amponsah said it is right in the traditional setting and that it also serves as a deterrent to others.

“When it comes to these things the chiefs have no way of redeeming themselves except to curse you with their stool and that is right. Traditionally that is what they are supposed to do to serve as a deterrent to the youth,” he said.

He noted that it will be up to the gods to decide the fate of Twene Jonas with the curses evoked against him.

Watch Computer Man speak on Twene Jonas below:




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