I apologise and retract for calling you a thief – US-based woman to Eugene Arhin

Director of Communications at the Presidency

• US-based woman accused Eugene Arhin of using his position to amass wealth

• Lawyers of the Director of Communications at the Presidency demanded a retraction and apology

• Maame Afua Adom-Boakye was issued a 48-hour ultimatum to retract her allegations

A Ghanaian woman based in the United States of America, Maame Afua Adom-Boakye has rendered an apology to the Director of Communications at the Presidency, Eugene Arhin for defaming him.

GhanaWeb in a publication on Wednesday, October 27, 2021, reported of a letter written by lawyers for Mr Arhin to Afua Adom-Aboakye over some comments she made describing the president’s spokesman as a thief.

While stating their client’s innocence in relation to the said allegation, the lawyers demanded that Afua Adom-Boakye renders an unqualified apology to their client and retract her statement within a period of 48 hours or face legal action.

“Please be informed that we have our client’s firm instructions to use all the available legal remedies to vindicate his grievances without further recourse to you should you fail to comply with our request within the period stated supra,” excerpts of the statement read.

Following the issuance of the letter, Maame Afua Adom-Boakye has written to the lawyers of Eugene Arhin apologizing for the post she made on Facebook on October 23, 2021.

“I wish to sincerely apologise to your client – Mr. Eugene Arhin — for the Facebook post I made on 23rd October 2021, I fee! obliged to say, also, that the interpretation which Mr. Arhin has put on my post, plausible though it may be, does diverge considerably from the context in which I made and intended it,” she wrote in her letter.

Sharing in the concerns of Mr Arhin’s lawyers, the US-based Afua Adom-Boakye said she understands that no court has pronounced the Director of Communications at the Presidency guilty of the things she accused him of and thus retracted her accusations.

“That notwithstanding, I understand his concern and displeasure (as well as yours) over ‘my post, particularly since Mr. Arhin has never been prosecuted or found guilty of stealing anything in Ghana or elsewhere.

“Accordingly, retract the post together (both here and on Facebook) with any untrue imputation which they may carry in respect of him,” she stated.

According to the letter demanding for a retraction from the lady in question issued by lawyer Gary Nimako, she is quoted to have alleged in a social media post that Eugene Arhin was using his office to create wealth for himself.
“Our politics is a funny thing. The boldness with which we pilfer and bribe our way up the ladder is laughable.

“Can he prove the sources of donors to his foundation? As far as I am concerned, EUGENE ARHIN is a THIEF. Until an independent probe is launched into his dealings to prove otherwise, no one can tell me his ex-wife’s claims are false!

“But will that ever happen? Absolutely not. Because amassing wealth through illicit means comes with the job. Almost everyone is doing it. And yes, there’s no one under God’s sun who can write memos and speeches for the president BUT him. Lol.

“The reason he will always remain on my radar is because he’s the one scapegoat amongst the lot whose thievery became apparent!

“Years from now, his aS$-kissers will tell you he’s a MILLIONAIRE and so no one dares question him. Anokwa!” the said defamatory statement read.



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