I would have died at Korle-Bu – Hassan Ayariga recounts Coronavirus experience

Founder of APC, Hassan Ayariga

• Hassan Ayariga was hospitalized after testing positive to coronavirus

• The politician said he nearly died at Korle-Bu

• According to him Korle-Bu lacks a lot of equipment to run properly

Ghanaian politician and businessman, Hassan Ayariga, has said he would have been dead now if he had spent more days at the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital after contracting Coronavirus.

Recounting his harrowing experience at the nation’s premier hospital, the All People’s Congress flagbearer stated that Korle-Bu is not equipped to function and cater for patients.

Hassan Ayariga in an interview with UTV as monitored by GhanaWeb described Korle-Bu as a death trap blessed with good doctors and no tools to work.

“At Korle-Bu they couldn’t manage me and they transferred me to the International Maritime Hospital (IMaH) which was where I was saved. If I was at Korle-Bu I would have been gone,” the politician said during the interview.

He added, “For me, Korle-Bu is like a death trap. It’s a government hospital but there are no medicines, you have to buy everything. If you don’t have money, you will die.

“The doctors are good but they don’t have the right facilities and equipment to save your life,” the APC founder added.

He noted that despite driving to the hospital by himself, he got paralyzed after a few days because his health was deteriorating.

According to him, had it not been for God and the quick intervention by his wife to request a transfer to another hospital, he would have kicked the bucket by now.

“I drove myself to Korle-Bu but after four days I couldn’t walk anymore. My wife said, ‘no way’ we have to transfer you out of here,” Mr. Ayariga narrated.

He added, “When I got to IMah, they did my lungs test and realized 96% was gone. So it’s God who saved me.”

Mr. Ayariga went on to say, “The nurses and doctors in IMah did a very good job, unlike Korle-Bu where the negligence was too high. In Korle-Bu I run short of oxygen every midnight, from 2am to 5:30 I sat down without oxygen.”

Hassan Ayariga is not the only Ghanaian who has drawn the government’s attention to the negligence at Korle-Bu in recent years.


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