Infertility Is A Problem Of Men And Women

964100926_238134Professor Erica Marsh, Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility Chief, University of Michigan, USA has disclosed that infertility is not only a women’s problem as carried out in Ghanaian societies.

According to her, the problem of infertility affected both men and women and that it was lack of education that made society to blame women. ‘Sometimes it is from women and sometimes too, it is from men,” She stated.

Professor Marsh made this known at a Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Event on Reproductive Endocrinology and Psycho-social Updates in Infertility organized by Family Health Medical School of the Family Health University College for Doctors, Student Doctors and other health professionals in Accra.

The issue of infertility has become a serious challenge in Ghana and Africa in general as far as marriage between man and woman is involved, where women are mostly blamed by in-laws especially.

Other speakers at the event included Professor Kwawukume, founder, Family Health University College, Professor Timothy Johnson, University of Michigan, USA and Professor Charles C. Mate-Kole, University of Ghana, Legon.

Professor Erica Marsh pointed out that infertility was an important issue that needed serious attention, adding that it caused a lot of problems in marriage.

She therefore tasked Health Professionals to educate people about the causes of infertility in order to change the mindset of the general public.

She mentioned some of the causes of infertility as factors that lead to infertility as fibroid, age, genetics, injuries, adding that the decision to have children depended on both partners through medical checkup and urged married couples to stop the blame games anytime there were problems.

Prof. Kwawukume noted that anytime there was an issue of infertility between couples, only the women attended medical checkup.

Prof. Mate-Kole on his part also added that families of couples especially that of men should stop apportioning blame to their in-laws for their infertility as it could equally come from the men too.

He talked about the cultural and religious issues and the effects it had on the infertile couples and elaborated on some research protocols which would be held at Family Health Hospital on infertility in the society.

Prof. Timothy Johnson said the best solution to the issue of infertility was for both couples to go for medical checkup together.

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