LGBTQ+ debate: ‘Leila Dzansi is not God’ – Prince David Osei

Ghanaian Actor, Prince David Osei

David Osei says he does not care if Leila blacklists him

• The actor is against activities of the LGBTQ+ community

Leila Dzansi‘s defence for gay rights continues unabated

Actor, Prince David Osei, has thrown a savage response at a social media user who claims that his anti-LGBTQ comments will cost him movie roles, particularly from US-based Ghanaian filmmaker, Leila Dzansi.

It is no secret that Leila has strongly encouraged the promotion of activities of the LGBTQ+ community in Ghana and kicked against the anti-LGBTQ+ bill that seeks to criminalize homosexuality in the country.

Leila has on countless occasions been spotted on social media actively defending gay rights and fighting the likes of Sam Nartey George and other advocates of the anti-LGBTQ+ bill.

Like other persons in favour of the bill, Prince David Osei argued that marriage, as instituted by God, is between man and woman and not same-sex.

“In the beginning, God created Adam and Eve not Steve and Steve!! No one is denying one’s humanity if you Gay. But we are not supposed to pretend that men are women and women are men. We won’t modify basic biology because it threatens one’s subjective sense of being Gay. For all of human history boy met girl, girl met boy! You can’t magically change your gender, you can’t magically change your age, and you can’t magically change your sex,” Prince wrote.

His assertion was, however, met with a reaction from a social media user who posited that his comments are likely to cost him opportunities.

According to the individual, Prince might never get featured in any of Leila Dzansi’s movies due to his anti-gay comments.

“Leila may never cast you in her movies”, the post read.

In response, Prince David Osei said; “Who is she? Is she God? Or she made me a star.”

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