Mahama Is A Bad Choice; Nana Addo Is Our Hope- Head Porters President

296231878_492597The President of Ghana’s Head Porters Association, Adiza Moshie Zongo, has criticized President Mahama for being insensitive to the plight of the poor. According to her, President Mahama would lose this year’s election due to the hardship his administration has brought on Ghanaians, especially the poor.

Adiza Morshie Zongo explained to that the life of ‘kayayie’ also referred to as head porters has become miserable under President Mahama’s tenure and they have advised themselves to vote massively against him.

The NDC’s inability to setup a proper welfare scheme to cater for ‘kayayie’ makes Adiza believe that this year’s election wouldn’t favour the incumbent government.

She explained that she expected President Mahama to know better about the poor since he hails from the northern part of Ghana.

Life isn’t easy in the North and as a person who has a Muslim background, President Mahama knows the suffering there. He can’t deny it; he lived it and knows it. If he is Ghana’s president today, he should have done something to help his own people but he doesn’t care. He is a Muslim brother we can’t trust”, she said.

She recounted that the NDC comes nowhere close to the NPP when it comes to better economic management and job creation.

Adiza Moshie Zongo questioned President Mahama as to why he hasn’t been able to build any hostel facility to house kayayei knowing very well that they don’t have a proper place to sleep at night.

Under the administration of the NPP, we never paid tax to government but today, NDC is taxing kayayie for carrying loads at the various market places. This is a sick move and I don’t know who advised President Mahama to do that.

Before the NDC came to power, they convinced us things would be better for us if we elect them into office but we now know they lied to us. We would vote the NPP back to power and we know Nana Akufo Addo wouldn’t disappoint like President Mahama”, she said.

She finally advised her associates not to vote for the NDC again since there is nothing good they have done for the poor to boast of.

According to her had it not been for the benevolence of the Asantehene and the Ashanti Regional Chairman of the NPP, Bernard Antwi Boasiako aka Chairman ‘Wontumi’, Muslims in the region wouldn’t have got a land to build their Central Mosque to worship.

The land we have our Central Mosque sited on was given to us by the Asantehene for free and after we had built the structure it took the NPP led by Chairman ‘Wontumi’ help us paint it. The NDC didn’t do anything to help us”, she added.

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