Manasseh’s Facebook account cannot be accessed!

59509192.295After blocking people who trolled him, Manasseh Azure’s Facebook account cannot be accessed.

“Sorry, this content isn’t available right now. The link you followed may have expired, or the page may only be visible to an audience you’re not in.” is the response one gets when one tries to visit Manasseh’s wall.

From the very moment a ‘faceless’ Nana Kwame questioned the moral right of Manasseh to raise concern on why an Africa CEO conference would be held in Geneva instead of Africa, when he [Manasseh] opted to have his wedding at Aburi Gardens instead of his village, the investigative journalist appears to be having a challenge dealing with the public.

His response to Nana Kwame that the link between the Geneva conference and the wedding was “illogical” was described by many as unnecessary as they surmised he made no point with the rebuttal.

Amidst the heat, Manasseh was ‘forced’ to block some people but that certainly set fan to flame the backlash.

As many wondered who could be the face behind the ‘Nana Kwame’ Facebook account, the young man described as ‘hero’ uploaded one of his pictures as profile picture which was subsequently used by Manasseh as his profile picture as well.

However, the state of Manasseh’s account is that it is inaccessible.

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