Manifestos can decide winner of 2016 election – Prof Adei

58158684.295Some public commentators have underscored the need for Ghanaian political parties to have manifestos but have raised concerns about the implementation of promises captured therein.

They were of the view that in as much as majority of the populace may not be interested in the content of the manifestos, it is still relevant for a core minority who would ultimately decide where the votes swing.

Speaking on the topic “Relevance of Manifestos” on the maiden edition of TV3’s Political talk show “Eye On The Seat’, Dr. Steven Adei, a former Rector of the Ghana Institute of Management and Professional Administration (GIMPA) indicated that the two leading parties would depend heavily on about 20% of the voter population to know their fate.

“It has a very significant role. Take it that in Ghana during the fourth republic, we have two major political parties and each one of them, fortunately or unfortunately, on the basis of tribal lines or on the basis of party allegiance, have got at least about 40% of the basis no matter what we do.

“NDC would get its 40% and NPP would get its 40% in the coming elections, however there are about 20% enlightened people who take things seriously and they would look at the manifestos and given that in Ghana elections are won by a slim margin, then that enlightened proportion become very significant.

“…I don’t think we are doing justice to the manifestos and looking at them comprehensively but they are a marginal determinant and a significant one for that matter.”

Guests on the show, Dr. Eric Oduro Osae – Dean of the School of Local Government Studies, Franklin Cudjoe – Executive Director of Imani Ghana and Dr. Bossman Asare – Head of the Political Science Department of the University all seemed to be singing a similar chorus but added that the ‘ordinary’ voter should be made to understand the content of the manifesto.

Eye On The Seat which airs every Sunday at 6pm would be dealing with all the topical issues in the buildup to the polls later this year by empanelling competent individuals to speak to the issues.

It is one of the major platforms Media General owners of TV3, 3Fm, Onua FM, Connect Fm, Akoma Fm and have crafted to help voters make an informed choice when they go to the polls later in the year.

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