More Voltarians endorse NPP’s policies

Some fans of the NPP

Mr Richard Kwadekpo, Ho Central Constituency Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), has said the 2020 polls showed that an increasing number of people in the Volta and Oti Regions endorsed the NPP and its policies.

He said although the Party did not succeed its target of five seats and 35 percent votes in the two regions, there was an increase in votes in the polling stations.

Mr Kwadekpo made the remarks while speaking to the Ghana News Agency (GNA) at a dusk victory march in Ho, organised by the Constituency office of the Party.

He said the NPP managed over 100,000 votes in the Volta and Oti Regions, and that it was a “positive” development.

The Chairman said the polls showed that government’s policies influenced voter choices in the Regions.

“More Voltarians are voting for NPP. We had increased votes in the polling stations, and things are looking good for the Party in the Region.”

“With 100,000 votes in Volta and Oti, things are getting better. Our agenda was 5:35. That was not the case but it was very positive,” he stated.

Mr Kwadekpo added that “Volta voters are discerning, they are looking at reality before voting. They see the flagship policies and this had made our campaign very easy,” he said.

The Chairman said the NPP government had “lots” of developmental works that would be prioritized and in its second term.

The victory parade attracted hundreds of supporters of the NPP in the Ho Municipality.
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