Only 7823 Customers Are Experiencing Challenges- ECG MD

824208878_521597Several power consumers have recently lamented about the ‘unjustifiable’ fees they claim they pay to the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) for power consumption.

There has also been uproar over the new software ECG uses to bill consumers of power and this has forced the Managing Director (MD) of the company, Engineer Robert Dwamena to come out and explain to the public how they are resolving the anomalies.

According to the MD, in 2013, ECG with the support of the World Bank under the Ghana Energy Development and Access Project initiated the process of the acquisition of the new software.

This new software which is called the Commercial Management System (CMS), he explains was acquired to replace their old system that was not able to accommodate new applications that were introduced by ECG.

Robert Dwamena continued that the CMS is used to bill postpaid customers, but for the prepaid user, he adds that vending is done in the prepayment meter.

The CMS has come with some form of anomalies since it was introduced in May, 2015. Since its inception, ECG, according to their MD, has issued about 8.5 million bills and out of this number, only 7823 customers have experienced challenges.

ECG currently procures meters from five manufacturing companies in Ghana. Before meters are accepted by ECG they go through standardization and calibration processes.

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