Over GHc250,000 spent by SRC on a ‘God-like Immovable’ Bus – SRC PRO

Mr. Y. M. Amin Sabato, PRO – AAMUSTED SRC

The Student Representative Council (SRC) over the past few years has spent at least a quarter of a million Ghana Cedis on the procurement, litigation and repair of a bus which has been immobile but believed to be in a good condition.

The revelations were made on MYND FM’s most interactive, unparalleled weekend programme, Campus Filla, one of the most patronized radio programmes in the Kumasi metropolis.

In an interaction with the Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the SRC, Amin Sabato, it was revealed that though some GHc130,000 was expended for purposes of repairs and maintenance without the Local Assembly’s (LA) approval during the previous year under the leadership of the 2019/20 SRC President, Boateng Samuel Clinton, the bus still remains nonoperational.

“If this bus left at the mercy of the weather, was something that can be put to use, we wouldn’t have had this issue of trading it for a Coastal bus” adding, “We want to have a bus that, even if it were 5 people, they could be conveyed but not to have a god we are worshipping.”

Images of the bus procured by SRC


According to MYND FM sources, the only problem that could be attributed to the situation is the unavailability of the key to the bus.

Reacting to the latest development, the PRO hinted that the last two administrations of the student level leadership spent cumulatively, GHc110,000.

“You know when LA agrees on something, it means it has given the mandate for leadership to do it. The LA has gone through thorough discussion and has thought it wise to dispose off this bus. Last administration spent 640 million [GHc64,000] on it, what was the used? What was the importance? The previous administration also spent 500 million [GHc50,000].”

Meanwhile, the yet to be identified person in possession of the keys to the bus is nowhere to be found, this is according to the former Director of Finance, Onga, who was part of the Clinton-led administration.


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