Paying E-levy is a very good thing; US people pay more taxes – Diana Asamoah

One of the Gospel singers who have been around for a long time, Diana Asamoah has asked Ghanaians to band together and support the implementation of the E-levy, as well as the imposition of other levies by the government.

An interview with Ghanaian Blogger BoatengAmeyaw1, the artist revealed that there are several things the government has to do, all of which can only be accomplished if the public pays their taxes on a consistent basis.

Diana, who made this observation during a contribution to the Dzorwulu Special School, pointed out that in sophisticated nations such as the United States, individuals get compensated by the government for caring for their children who have disabilities.

As an example, she cited the E-levy, noting that if people agree to pay the tax like US people, it signifies that the government may also undertake measures of this sort since advanced nations utilize their taxes to fund measures of this nature.

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