Police strip married woman naked in Ashanti Region

1A married woman at Efiduase in the Ashanti Region has summoned a policeman before the antoa deity and several other gods in the region for stripping her naked in public.

Adwoa Asantewaa told Nhyira FM’s ‘Wiase Mu Nsem’ that the policeman came to her neighbourhood to arrest her for allegedly raining insults on one Okyeame Agyenim, a Linguist in Effiduase. The Linguist was said to have filed a complaint with the police after the alleged insults.

A Policeman from the Ghana Police Service was thus dispatched to her house in the morning to arrest her for insulting the local chief.

“When the policeman came, I had only a cloth wrapped around me. He started struggling with me and I warned him to stop as I had no dross (pants) on. Upon learning this, he stripped the cloth off my body exposing my nakedness in public…,” she said.

After stripping the cloth, Madam Adwoa Asantewaa said the people that had gathered to witness the tango between her and the policeman shouted in surprise upon seeing her nakedness.

“They all shouted ‘Eeiiii !!,’ and since then the children in the town have nicknamed me ‘madam big v*gina, some even go to the extent of claiming that there were bushes around the v*gina where all sorts of animals live…I am just not comfortable walking in town,” she added.

The married Adwoa Asantewaa said her husband, Kwadwo Addai has refused to sleep with her after the incident as according to him, ‘he cannot have sex with a woman whose nakedness is seen and known by all.’

Kwadwo Addai, Asantewaa added is also considering divorce due to the shame brought on him by the incident.

Madam Asantewaa who is unhappy at the turn of events said she also called on the gods of the land to come and deal severely with the policeman for exposing her nakedness to the public.

“As he was leaving, I called on about four river deities to deal with him if he claims he never exposed my nakedness to the public. Later when I met the policeman guarding a bank too, I took out an egg and cursed him. I also gave some to be delivered to his police commander…,” she added.

However, the Efiduase Police claim the woman was a known trouble maker and they are contemplating taking her to court for insulting the linguist.


–  ghanaweb.com

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