Rashida Nasamu shares one of her biggest motivations in business

Rashida Sani says fear is one of her biggest motivations
Rashida Sani says fear is one of her biggest motivations

Communication consultant, entrepreneur, organizational development strategist and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of I-ZAR Group, Rashida Saani Nasamu, has disclosed that fear is one of the things that keeps her going in business.

Speaking on the Springboard Hangout Show which airs on eTV Ghana, she said in response to a viewer’s comment on whether she has any fears that, it is only normal as humans to have fears in life, however, it is how we handle these fears that matter and not the fear in itself.

“I would want to believe that the strongest of girls in frontlines and in businesses have fears as well. They also have emotions. I won’t hide it. I won’t say that I’m a go-getter and nothing gets to me. Sometimes you could cry in your bed over a janitor in your office who treated you badly and you thought you did not merit it,” she said.

Rashida further encouraged that, “On a daily basis, there are fears but the most important thing is to overcome the fears, forget the past and forge ahead looking into the future”.

According to her, this has always been her guide and what keeps her going in business.

Sharing a basic tip to success, the award-winning CEO urged the youth to choose businesses that they find their strength in and optimize routines by working in accordance with what suits their strengths and interests.


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