Residents blame collapsed bridge for death of pregnant woman

The bridge collapsed after three-day of torrential rains

A pregnant woman in labour died tragically at Gor Kukani in the Zabzugu district because of delays in reaching a hospital due to a collapsed bridge.

The bridge collapsed after three-day of torrential rains when the river under it overflowed its bank.

The bridge links Gor Kukani and other surrounding villages to Zabzugu the district capital.

The woman, Nakoja Njonam Tigynam, was being taken to hospital in Zabzugu but the collapsed bridge delayed the trip to the hospital.

The brother of the deceased’s husband, Waaja Akwesi, told Citi News that Nakoja Njonam “was to deliver and was referred to the district hospital and on the way we had to cross the bridge but because of the level of the water, we delayed in crossing and upon reaching the hospital the baby died in her womb and later the woman also passed on and we brought her home and buried her.”

Other patients referred to the district hospital have also been stranded in the town.

Government’s intervention is sorely sought in the community which deals with the collapsed bridge annually.

“This is what happens anytime it rains for hours, people from Gor Kukani and other surrounding villages and Nakpali cannot cross to Zabzugu. We are appealing to the government to come to our aid by providing a bigger bridge that can contain the waters,” a resident told Citi News.

The negative effects also extend to economic activities.

“As it stands now we can not go to Kukpaligu market and even to Zabzugu if we need something to buy… We have things that we need to sell but we can’t cross.”

“The situation is dangerous, I was nearly swept away by the waters if not for God, I would have been no more. We are seriously affected. Six people are sick and are at home we can not take them to hospital, we don’t have canoes that we can use too and you can not also cross because the water is deep”.

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