Tech for good: How Move Secure is curbing mobile money fraud

Tech for good: How Move Secure is curbing mobile money fraud
Ms. Linda Otoo

In response to the growing mistrust and scams within the e-commerce space, a new Mobile Money escrow service known as Move Secure by Nsano, has been launched to facilitate safe and secure transactions on Mobile Money.

The service operates by “holding money in trust till both vendor and buyer” confirm their satisfaction with a transaction, says Ms. Linda Otoo, Country Manager for Nsano.

According to her, this is a much-needed solution to “restore the declining levels of trust between online buyers and vendors” resulting from increased cases of scam.

For buyers, Move Secure ensures that even though you have initiated payment for a service, “you can get your money back seamlessly” in the event of an attempted scam or if the wrong/inferior order is delivered.

She adds that it also shows a commitment to a vendor to prioritize the buyer’s order.

For vendors, the service shows a payment has been made before one makes a delivery, eliminating the potential of wasting time or money to transport orders to customers who do not show up.

Both parties can raise disputes within the Move App or via the USSD code (*718*8#) in an event where one party is dissatisfied with the exchange.

“We believe in using technology to solve everyday problems. With the increasing rate of mistrust in online payments and trade, we came up with this escrow service on Mobile Money to give both buyers and sellers comfort in the exchange process. This we believe will also eliminate fraud and scams in online commerce for our Move Secure users” Ms. Linda Otoo, Country Manager for Nsano said about the service.

To use Move Secure, simply dial *718# and choose option 2. You may also download the Move Gh app on Appstore or Playstore.



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