Tricycle riders in Ashanti back regulation to curb indiscipline

Mohammed Haruna, Secretary of Tricycle Drivers Union

Leadership of the Tricycle Drivers Association in Kumasi, the capital of the Ashanti Region have welcomed the decision by the Ghana Police Service to enforce traffic regulations to curb the spate of road accidents in the region.

This follows a report by the Motor Traffic and Transport Division, MTTD, of the Ghana Police Service which pegs 912 deaths out of 2,126 persons who have died through road accidents in the first nine months of 2012 to motorbikes or tricycles.

Addressing a press conference, Secretary of the Association, Mohammed Haruna said, the intervention by the Police will go a long way to address the menace as they attempt to educate members of the association on proper riding principles seems to be ignored by many.

“The leadership of the Tricycle Union very much welcome such welcome such an exercise by the MTTD. We have been having challenges trying to educate minor riders of tricycle [against] riding on the shoulders of the road, jumping red lights and the usage of one way.”

Mr. Haruna meanwhile called on the authorities to make available avenues for those who will comply with the regulations to continue running services to the populace.

“We plead with the Police MTTD Command to allow also our members who ride decently with proper documents to also work without any harassment” adding “Due to this operations, some of the police personnel have taken advantage and arresting our members unjustifiably.”

The Secretary further educated the public to be on the lookout for their Union Sticker, two number plates – each affixed at both ends of the tricycle and the decent appearance of the riders whenever they are boarding or securing their services.

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