Two poachers arrested for killing Buffalo in Mole National Park

Two poachers arrested for killing Buffalo in Mole National Park

Two poachers have been arrested over the alleged killing of a buffalo at the Mole national park in the West Gonja Municipality of the Savanah Region.

The four intruders were pursued by rangers of the park when they heard a gunshot while on duty, however, two were arrested and handed over to the police on Saturday, April 9th, 2022, while the two others escaped arrest.

In an interview with Citi News, the Mole Assistant Park Manager, Bona Chire, indicated that the culprits will be put before court today, Monday.

“Two of them managed to escape, but two others were apprehended together with the Buffalo carcass that they had killed. They were brought back to headquarters, interrogated, and then arrested, so the case is currently in court.”

“The hearing will be done today, Thursday, at Bole, so currently, our officer is at Bole to be present in court and to hear the final determination of the case,” he said.

He further cautioned the public to refrain from involving themselves in activities that would affect tourist sites in the country since the country’s economy also depend on tourism to thrive.

“I’ll advise them to put a stop to it because our men are on the ground very strongly to make sure that the integrity of the premier area that is in Ghana is protected so that we can continue to enjoy the benefits that multinational parks afford all of us in terms of tourism, and also in terms of the various ecological benefits that accrue to us because of the existence of places like Mole National Park,” he said.

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