UDS school of medicine to soon admit some displaced African health students evacuated from Ukraine

UDS school of medicine to soon admit some displaced African health students evacuated from Ukraine

Some displaced African health professional students from Ukraine, will soon be enrolled in the University for Development, Studies School of Medicine (UDS-SoM) to continue with their studies.

This follows a collaboration between UDS-SoM, AMPATH Ghana and partners at the New York University to create opportunities for returnee health trainees to be integrated into UDS-SoM. As such, UDS-SoM has created a Special Education Project for displaced African health professional students.

Speaking at the university’s special congregation ceremony in Tamale, the Vice Chancellor, Professor Gabriel Ayum Teye noted that: “This proposal has been unanimously approved by the SoM Board, UDS academic board and UDS council, the school of medicine, together with other public medical Schools in Ghana and partners, and will soon be out with details related on enrolment and implementation of the support to these students”.

According to the Ministry of Education, over 200 Ghanaian students in Ukraine have currently returned, with many others facing displacement in Ukraine.

Recently, in the media, student returnees complained of neglect by government. However, with the recent integration initiatives set to be enrolled out, some of these students and other displaced African students will be integrated into the UDS-SoM and other public universities.

Meanwhile, over one thousand postgraduate and undergraduate students have graduated with various degrees from the University for Development Studies.

Addressing the graduating students, the Deputy Minister for Education, Rev. Ntim Fordjour, called on policymakers in the country and globally to reposition the education systems to ensure graduates do not depend on jobs that are far getting out of the market.

“Let’s ensure we are raising graduates who have the skills to meet our fourth industrial revolution era, to this end, it has become important even to transform the combination of our science and humanity ratio currently at 40:60 in favour of humanity, we see it as a gap and strategically to position this, 60:40 in favour of science by the year, 2030,” he said.



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