“We should change the narrative of our University – Operation One Hall, One Power Plant” – P. Aduama-Larbi Speaks

P. Aduama-Larbi

The prevailing electricity crisis in the country even makes it the more imperative to talk about having a reliable alternative lighting source for our dear University, Akenten Appiah Menka University of Skills Training and Entrepreneurial Development (AAMUSTED).

Have you wondered why no hall in AAMUSTED has at least a power plant?


Is it that it is impossible for the various halls to acquire them because of high cost or is it because there is no political will to address such serious issues affecting students.

When you calculate the cumulative hall user fee of all the inmates of a single hall, say Opoku Ware II, getting a plant out of the total hall user fee would be only a little fraction of the total sum, yet, it has still not been considered to get a plant for these students who pay these huge hall user fees.

Let us ask these questions;
How much is spent on maintenance and utilities? How is the difference used? Is it that, students of AAMUSTED don’t need power plants?

We all know how getting a plant for each hall will contribute positively to our security and studies as students since the lone Plant located at the ROB has proven to be not enough to salvage the situation.

Depending solely on the hydro-electric power is not expedient due to its instability. When we get plants each for every Hall, they will serve as standby power source for students, especially during the examinations periods where lights do go off occasionally as if it is some kind of ritual.

We should change the narrative of our University. We should write our own story and it should be a good one to reflect our status as a new Skills Training and Entrepreneurial Development institution.

Through this article, we make a solemn call on relevant authorities and offices especially the SRC to help see to it that each Hall of our University procures a Power Plant to help in dealing with the erratic electricity power issues.

Long live AAMUSTED.
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