Wesley Girls’ Action: A Threat to National Peace – GMSA Vice President

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Muslim all over the world ends their 30 days fast, the Ramadan, today May 12. Ramadan which started on April 13 amid the current pandemic that has affected all sphere of live has been religiously adhered to by all Muslims.

Speaking about the experience on the Mynd Major News, Vice President of the Ghana Muslims Student Associaiton (GMSA), of the Akenten-Appiah Menkah University of Skills Training and Entrepreneurial Development (AAMUSTED), Mr. Tettey Abdul-Razak, explained how the period has been one of a daunting task which could only be completed by the grace of Allah.

“It was not easy but God was with us and today, when it is 6 o’clock, we will just take the last Tarawih [night prayers] and that is all for the festive fasting. And follow by it will be tomorrow, that is Eid-ul-Fitr festival and we thank God for it.”

Mr Abdul-Razak, sharing his opinion about the National Chief Imam’s directive to observe the climax of the Ramadan on localized faction and in a calmer fashion said, “Because of this directive, we have to maintain ourselves in the small, small group although we may not find it comfortable but, we are somehow compromising because we cannot forgo the celebration as well but we have to find ourselves in the mosque even if it is in a smaller unit” adding “Tomorrow’s prayer is just about 20 minutes, from then, we go back to our various homes.”

When asked about the Wesley Girls’ saga, the Vice President indicated that, all must be done to safeguard the peace and security all Ghanaians currently enjoy.

“In my perspective, it is a big threat to Muslim students and the nation’s peace because I think currently, the big Christian churches are coming together to [go] against the Islamic laws. If the Muslims don’t have patience and they also come together to also defend themselves, it will affect the nation’s peace.”

“We are in Ghana and we have been in Ghana for some many decades, we have peace and it is a blessing from God to us so we have to protect it. Anything that will threaten the peace and security we have enjoyed must not be allowed to foster among us” he concluded.

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