Your E-levy policy is absolutely nonsense – Mr Beautiful to NPP Govt

Mr Beautiful, a Ghanaian actor and comedian, has slammed the country’s leadership for its extravagant spending.
E-levy is absurd and should be rejected by all Ghanaians, according to the renowned actor.

In an interview on Castle FM, Mr Beautiful slammed President Akuffo-Addo for his lavish spending and waste of foreign money.

“In the history of Ghana, Nana Addo has borrowed huge sums of money than any President but has wasted all those monies frivolously”. Mr Beautiful stated.

“The little money left in the mobile money accounts of Ghanaians too you are eagerly following it up to go and waste it.”

“If the sheep that went for grazing haven’t returned how then do you send more sleep to go and do the same? E-levy is pure nonsense” he fumed.

The Electronic Transaction Levy (or E–levy) is a tax levied on electronic or digital transactions.

The fee will be applied to mobile money, bank transfers, merchant payments, and remittances.

The Finance Ministry said it will begin operating on May 1, 2022.

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