Yuni D/A Primary school deserted after building was ripped off by rainstorm

The primary school is serving about two communities

Correspondence from Northern Region

Authorities at the Yuni D/A primary school in the Kumbungu District of the Northern Region say they have for the past three years been deserted since the school building was ripped off by a rainstorm.

The primary school, which is the only one in the area, is serving about two communities including Yuni and Golazoli.

The affected building consists of 3-classrooms, an office, and a semi-detached room which has also been converted to a Bangalow for teachers coming from far to reside in.

In an interview with GhanaWeb, Chief of the Yuni community, Suleimana Nae expressed concern over the situation which has left many children in the two communities to roam about aimlessly.

According to him, most of the teachers in the school ever since the incident occurred, have stopped coming to the school, except one teacher named; Emoro who still makes time to teach a few children.

Chief Seleimana Nae said the situation is a nightmare to the whole of Yuni and Golazoli communities and is therefore appealing to the government, NGOs and philanthropists to come to their aid by roofing the school for them.

A resident of the Yuni, Alhassan Adam said that Yuni D/A primary is the only school in the area serving them and ever since the incident happened, academic activities have been grounded to a halt.

“As we speak, there are over 100 children from this community whose educational career have come to an end because there are no classrooms to sit in and learn and it is a nightmare to us.”

Another resident, Mahamadu Alidu said even though authorities have not stopped visiting the school occasionally, no attempt has been made over the years to roof the school building.

The chiefs and elders of Yuni and Galazoli communities are therefore appealing to the DCE of the area, Abdul Salaam Hamza Fatawu, Member of Parliament for the area, Dr. Hamza Adam, NGOs, and philanthropists to come to their aid.


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